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Floating Floors Over Carpet? Yes Yes Yes!

Horrific leased space carpet got you down? Good thing we’re here to save the day with quick and easy installation OVER the carpet! Yes, you read that correctly.

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Industrial Flooring: 3 Things To Consider Before Making the Purchase

You need industrial flooring that you can rely on to protect your equiptment while providing little interruption to productivity. Good thing you found SelecTech.

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Floating Floors: Easier Installation Than You Ever Imagined

Commerical, industrial, healthcare, or schools – BioLock is the answer your flooring have been searching for.

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Characteristics of Great Lab Flooring

Scientific research and study can quickly be interrupted by many outside factors. For that, we must eliminate the possibility of our presumably controlled variables interfering with our work. Although often overlooked, your lab flooring can either be a disruptive factor or a factor that works for you. When considering flooring options for your lab environment, […]

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ESD versus Non-ESD Flooring for Labs

When it comes to choosing flooring for labs, there are many elements to consider.  For example, the type of lab and work being done is a significant consideration.  Laboratories and clean rooms have strict guidelines concerning the cleanliness and operations within the room.  Whereas a salon or educational environment will have leaner guidelines.  Here at […]

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Run Down from the Holiday Rush? Fix it with FreeStyle Flooring

The holiday season may be fast approaching, but the shopping season is well underway. The increased foot traffic in your retail stores is good for business, but it could be bad news for your floors. Is the increased wear and tear starting to take its toll? If so, consider replacing them with FreeStyle flooring from […]

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What Makes an Eco-Friendly Company?

With our roots as a recycling company, we’ve always valued our sustainable practices, and bettering them is a top priority. As more and more people become environmentally aware, it’s even easier to make better, more eco-friendly purchases. Here at SelecTech, we go above and beyond making our products more sustainable, but we also take them […]

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Benefits of Commercial Floating Floors

Choosing flooring for your commercial space can be a daunting task. You want it to be durable, but also visually pleasing. You also want to consider the installation process. Do you want something that glues down, or something more easily changeable? At SelecTech, our FreeStyle flooring is available in a variety of styles, so we’re […]

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What Does Great Lab Flooring Provide?

It’s truly not every day a business is seeking out great commercial lab flooring, but FreeStyle knows you want to work with the best flooring companies to make the most responsible decision for your employees and company. Have you been wondering what a great lab flooring will provide your business? Our experts can think of […]

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