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2 Considerables For Laboratory Flooring

Keeping your workplace a safe, ergonomically friendly one is easier than you may have thought. Here’s a closer look.

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Sustainability In Flooring For Schools

Your health and our environment are the top priorities when it concerns our innovative solutions for school flooring.

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Why Proper Flooring for Laboratories is Imperative

Laboratory flooring is often overlooked and underrated when it comes to employee safety. That is until we arrived.

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Choose Floating Floors for Laboratories

Laboratories are interesting environments to care for due to their sensitive nature. Being cautious of every material that enters the room is important because it could alter the delicate balance necessary for a lab setting. When it comes to choosing flooring, floating floors are ideal for laboratories. Our BioLock interlocking flooring provides all the durability […]

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Considering New Flooring for Labs or Clean Rooms? Ask These Questions

How often do you think about lab flooring? As a clinician, you may think about flooring when your back or feet hurt after a long day of standing or if there’s a spill or some other risk of contamination, perhaps even more if the static electricity damages an expensive piece of lab equipment in the […]

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How We Contribute to LEED Points

From the beginning, SelecTech’s mission as a business was to create valuable products from scrap plastics. Since 1993, we have been recognized around the country for executing superior and creative products using state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs. With these principles in mind, we created a number of lab flooring options that contribute to LEED points. […]

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