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Upgrade Your Space with Sustainable Flooring

sustainable flooring

When it comes to updating or replacing flooring, there are many factors that go into making final decisions. The look plays a significant role, but so do price, quality, and long-term efficiency. At SelecTech, we provide sustainable flooring products that meet all your criteria. High-quality, recyclable materials and easy installation provide a feel-good solution that saves you money and time and provides a beautiful end result.


Here’s why our sustainable flooring is the product you’re looking for to update your space.


Cost Effective

When choosing flooring products, one of the biggest factors will be cost. But you don’t want to limit your considerations to upfront costs. You also need to factor in the flooring’s longevity. It is worth paying a little more at the start so you can save money over time.

With our flooring, you can also save on heating and cooling costs. High-quality materials and a built-in underlayment result in a floor that’s more comfortable and insulates the floor to reduce heat (or air conditioning) losses from your home. This, in combination with how long it lasts, makes FreeStyle tiles a fiscally responsible choice for your space.


Environmentally Friendly

For almost the same reasons our products are cost-effective, they are better for the environment. Reducing heating and cooling costs, as well as how frequently you’ll have to replace the tiles, will result in a reduction of resources, lessening the strain on the planet. Additionally, our interlocking method of installation eliminates the need for adhesives. Adhesives are what release toxic chemicals into the air and make the tiles non-recyclable. Without them, your space is a safer environment, and the tiles can be recycled or reused.


Sustainable Flooring | FreeStyle by SelecTech

SelecTech takes sustainable flooring to the next level by providing what our customers want: affordability, ease of installation, and above all, an environmentally sustainable product. With our Takeback Program, we make it easier for consumers to do their part. When the time comes for flooring replacement, we will buy back your old flooring to recycle into new tiles.


Contact our team at 508-583-3200 to learn more about our sustainable flooring products.