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Commercial Flooring for Cannabis Laboratories. An Inside Look

Every lab has it’s requirements. Here’s how BioLock is standing up to the cannabis industry requirements.

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Access Flooring Covering Solutions that Make a Difference

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, FreeStyle Flooring is the ideal resource for access flooring covering solutions. Created with a blend of durable recycled plastics, our company is committed to sustainability. Therefore, you’ll not only be receiving a product that provides easy installation and maintenance but one that is helping to better our environment. Here’s […]

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Benefits of Commercial Floating Floors in Salons

When designing, or redesigning, a salon, there are three elements to keep in mind when choosing flooring: durability, maintenance, and comfort. Commercial floating floors from FreeStyle is the perfect solution for all three of these categories. This article will cover each element and go into further detail on how this flooring can benefit your salon. […]

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