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Industrial Flooring: A New Look for a New Future

Industrial flooring requirements have come a long way. Here, we look at a few ways SelecTech is keeping up with the demands.

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Healthcare Floors That Meet Requirements for Temporary Facilities

Healthcare flooring plays a more integral role in today’s world than ever before. Here is a look at how BioLock is contributing to the cause.

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ESD Access Flooring For Hospitals – Is It The Right Choice?

The use of ESD access flooring for hospitals and treatment centers is catching the eye of many people these days. However much the trend is increasing, this is far from new to the engineers at SelecTech. In fact, access flooring for hospitals is something we’ve advocated for quite some time. One of the primary reasons […]

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ESD Access Flooring: The Ultimate For Robotics & Distribution

Robotics are the wave of the future, and the innovators at SelecTech have the solutions your operations require.

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Industrial Flooring: 3 Things To Consider Before Making the Purchase

You need industrial flooring that you can rely on to protect your equiptment while providing little interruption to productivity. Good thing you found SelecTech.

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Access Flooring Covering Solutions that Make a Difference

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, FreeStyle Flooring is the ideal resource for access flooring covering solutions. Created with a blend of durable recycled plastics, our company is committed to sustainability. Therefore, you’ll not only be receiving a product that provides easy installation and maintenance but one that is helping to better our environment. Here’s […]

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The Perfect Solution for Healthcare Floors

We work hard to exceed expectations that you may not realize you have. Here’s a look at why BioLock is perfect for healthcare floors.

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Characteristics of Great Lab Flooring

Scientific research and study can quickly be interrupted by many outside factors. For that, we must eliminate the possibility of our presumably controlled variables interfering with our work. Although often overlooked, your lab flooring can either be a disruptive factor or a factor that works for you. When considering flooring options for your lab environment, […]

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Flooring For Schools

If you’ve ever been involved in school renovations, you understand what an immense undertaking this can be. Not only do you need to keep the safety of your students and staff at the forefront, but budget and productivity are significant elements of the project as well. Access floors are a perfect solution for any renovation, […]

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How Lab Flooring Improves Performance

Performance is everything in industries that require laboratories. It only makes sense that they have the right equipment to complement their work and professionalism. Lab flooring makes a significant difference in performance. SelecTech offers many types for a variety of needs. Once you find the best option, your performance is sure to get better.   […]

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