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3 Benefits to Installing Floating Floors

Whether you need to add an area with different floors or install a new floor for your entire space, floating floors from FreeStyle by SelecTech are the simple and effective solution you need.

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4 Industries That Benefit from Floating Floors

Many businesses and industries are transitioning to alternative and innovative flooring solutions. Floating floors are a type of flooring that is not glued or nailed down to the subfloor but floats on top.

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Cleanroom Flooring: FAQs and Answers

You have questions and we have the answers! Oh, and a helpful video from Tom as well. Enjoy!

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Product Highlight: Floating Floors & Why We Love Them

There’s a reason why everyone wants to install easy, durable flooring. Here’s everything you need to know about floating floors.

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ESD Access Flooring: The Ultimate For Robotics & Distribution

Robotics are the wave of the future, and the innovators at SelecTech have the solutions your operations require.

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Why Proper Flooring for Laboratories is Imperative

Laboratory flooring is often overlooked and underrated when it comes to employee safety. That is until we arrived.

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Common Problems Solved With Lab Flooring

Laboratory flooring has a very particular market.  Because of the specific needs of a lab environment, we’ve invested time into learning about the common problems laboratories find with their flooring. Not only has our team complied a list of the most common problems, but we’ve created innovative floating floors that can help solve the problem. […]

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What are Floating Floors?

If you’ve ever heard of floating floors and thought of a futuristic invention, we’re here to help clarify! Here at FreeStyle, we manufacture innovative solutions that help industries across the board better their working environments.  Our floating floors are the perfect environmentally friendly solution you’ve been looking for. So, what exactly is a floating floor? […]

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Choose Floating Floors for Laboratories

Laboratories are interesting environments to care for due to their sensitive nature. Being cautious of every material that enters the room is important because it could alter the delicate balance necessary for a lab setting. When it comes to choosing flooring, floating floors are ideal for laboratories. Our BioLock interlocking flooring provides all the durability […]

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Why Should School Flooring Be FreeStyle?

What do healthcare, industrial, retail, and school environments have in common? They all could benefit from installing FreeStyle flooring here at SelecTech. As the new school year gets underway, we ask you to take a hard look at the current flooring in your educational facility. Could you benefit from new school flooring? Read on to […]

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