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Product Highlight: Floating Floors & Why We Love Them

There’s a reason why everyone wants to install easy, durable flooring. Here’s everything you need to know about floating floors.

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Floating Floors Over Carpet? Yes Yes Yes!

Horrific leased space carpet got you down? Good thing we’re here to save the day with quick and easy installation OVER the carpet! Yes, you read that correctly.

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Sustainability In Flooring For Schools

Your health and our environment are the top priorities when it concerns our innovative solutions for school flooring.

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Why Should School Flooring Be FreeStyle?

What do healthcare, industrial, retail, and school environments have in common? They all could benefit from installing FreeStyle flooring here at SelecTech. As the new school year gets underway, we ask you to take a hard look at the current flooring in your educational facility. Could you benefit from new school flooring? Read on to […]

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