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No-Vinyl Commercial Flooring: Introducing FreeStyle Choice

SelecTech is excited to tell you about our newest product, FreeStyle Choice! Check out the details on our new, no-vinyl commercial flooring solution!

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Cleanroom Flooring: FAQs and Answers

You have questions and we have the answers! Oh, and a helpful video from Tom as well. Enjoy!

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The Ultimate Industrial Flooring Has Arrived: PolyStyle

SelecTech is proud to introduce the most innovative, functional, and protective industrial flooring on the market. Welcome PolyStle.

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Industrial Flooring: 3 Things To Consider Before Making the Purchase

You need industrial flooring that you can rely on to protect your equiptment while providing little interruption to productivity. Good thing you found SelecTech.

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Floating Floors: Easier Installation Than You Ever Imagined

Commerical, industrial, healthcare, or schools – BioLock is the answer your flooring have been searching for.

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Why VOCs Are a Significant Consideration with Laboratory Flooring

At FreeStyle, we’ve created an innovative design for laboratory flooring that eliminates the need for adhesives. With the elimination of adhesives, you’re removing the potential for solvent emissions. What does this mean to the integrity of your lab? VOCs are a common element in laboratories, from ethanol to acetone, formaldehyde to acetonitrile, there is no […]

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Checklist for Replacing Your Laboratory Flooring

If you work in or manage, a clinical setting, you understand how vital laboratory flooring is.  With long days standing and moving about, the proper flooring can provide much-needed relief to your feet and back.  Further elements to consider could also be the possibility of spills, or even damaging static.  Whatever your atmosphere may be, […]

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Run Down from the Holiday Rush? Fix it with FreeStyle Flooring

The holiday season may be fast approaching, but the shopping season is well underway. The increased foot traffic in your retail stores is good for business, but it could be bad news for your floors. Is the increased wear and tear starting to take its toll? If so, consider replacing them with FreeStyle flooring from […]

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What Makes an Eco-Friendly Company?

With our roots as a recycling company, we’ve always valued our sustainable practices, and bettering them is a top priority. As more and more people become environmentally aware, it’s even easier to make better, more eco-friendly purchases. Here at SelecTech, we go above and beyond making our products more sustainable, but we also take them […]

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Choose Floating Floors for Laboratories

Laboratories are interesting environments to care for due to their sensitive nature. Being cautious of every material that enters the room is important because it could alter the delicate balance necessary for a lab setting. When it comes to choosing flooring, floating floors are ideal for laboratories. Our BioLock interlocking flooring provides all the durability […]

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